“Dr. Jessica Whelan has made a huge difference to me, by helping me to approach my health from a whole health perspective. When there were concepts that she shared with me, she sketched them out, literally, and shared the science behind it. She worked with me through challenges that I was facing from my thyroid, maintaining my ideal weight, sexual health, energy issues, and approaching staying healthy and active as a whole, with the added phase of approaching menopause. Dr. Whelan is really effective at sharing solutions to my health based on my whole self – it truly is all tied in together. Additionally, I admire that she challenges me, with a lot of grace, in areas where I really needed to make some changes that were not easy, changes that have helped me be even kinder to myself by these steps. When you see Dr. Whelan, you get incredible care and follow up as well, for a reasonable cost that is more than worth it. I highly recommend Dr. Whelan for women and men of all ages, if you’d like to see improvements in your overall health and well being. She’s an incredible gift to Vermonters!”

Joanna Turner Bisceglio
Waterbury Center, VT
Joanna is a business development professional (civil engineering), wife, mom, adventurer, artist, and athlete