Fertility Awareness

“When I was in my twenties, I sought – and could not easily find – natural healthcare pertaining to my sexuality. I desired to manage my own fertility based on science, without chemical birth control, and I got no support in that area with traditional OB/GYN, since the doctors were not trained in that area. That was frustrating, the feeling of being railroaded to pharmaceutical birth control which I didn’t want – and did not use. Thankfully, through Catholic Medical Center of New Hampshire, I was able to receive training in natural methods of fertility based on what’s known as the Creighton Model (Based on research from Creighton University related programs). It is amazing! For the ten-year period over which we spaced out our children, that is the method that I used, based on the knowledge I learned about the procreative cycle. Although I am finished having my beautiful babies, I have been so fortunate to recently meet Dr. Jessica Whelan. Dr. Whelan is thoroughly trained in Fertility science based on the Creighton Model, and it is SO affirming to know that she is here in Vermont and able to provide this whole healthcare which is very empowering to women. She understands that women’s bodies are amazingly designed, and don’t need to be managed by chemicals and devices – that knowledge and understanding is the answer! I encourage you to find out more about Dr. Whelan, she is the finest doctor that I have ever met in my entire life, and has good news to share that especially benefits women.”

Joanna Turner Bisceglio
Waterbury Center, VT
Joanna is a business development professional (civil engineering), wife, mom, adventurer, artist, and athlete